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Dog Collar & Lead Size Charts

Walk-e-Woo Size Charts
Collar Size Chart Lead Size Chart
Size Width To fit neck size Size Length Width
Small 3/4" 10" to 14" Thin 5 ft 5/8"
Medium 1" 12" to 18" Regular 5 ft 1"
Large 1" 14" to 25"      
Extra Large 1 1/2" 18" to 28"      

Red Dingo Size Charts

Collar Size Chart Lead Size Chart
Size To fit neck size Size Length Width
Small 20 cm to 32 cm Small 1.2 m 12 mm
Medium 30 cm to 45 cm Medium 1.2 m 18 mm
Large 40 cm to 60 cm Large 1.2 m 24 mm
Dapper Pets Size Charts
Collar Size Chart Lead Size Chart
Size To fit neck size Size Length Width
Small 12" to 18" Small 4 ft 15 mm
Medium 16" to 22" Medium 4 ft 20 mm
Large 18" to 26" Large 4 ft 25 mm


Hurtta Dog Coat Size Measurement Chart

Development of a proprietary pattern system is a matter of honour for Hurtta. Hurtta’s product development team measures hundreds of dogs every year to improve the way the products fit. Since the number of dog breeds keeps growing, the pattern system must also live and evolve with its users. This is why Hurtta develops new products and size categories on an annual basis.

When you measure your dog, you make it easier to find the correct size category from Hurtta’s extensive selection of sizes. 

How to measure your dog to determine the correct coat size:
Hurtta Dog Measurements




1. Back length is measured from the withers to the base of the tail while the dog stands in the normal position (not from the collar). When measuring the back length, be very careful as depending on the dog’s position, the dimensions may vary by several centimeters. 

2. Neckline measurement is taken from the widest part of the dog’s neck, i.e. from the base of the neck.

3. Chest measurement is taken from the widest part of the dog’s chest behind the forelegs. In order that the overalls have sufficient room for movement, the chest measurement of the overalls must be at least 5 cm larger in small size classes and at least 10–20 cm larger in large size classes. Breeds with long and thick fur need more room for the chest than dogs with short fur.

4. Waistline is taken from the narrowest section of the dog’s stomach in front of the hind legs. Always in front of the sex organs of a male dog, however. Together with the chest measurement, also the waist measurement can be several centimetres larger than the dog’s waist measurement. The waist of the Hurtta outdoor recreation overalls can be adjusted with a rubber band according to the size of each dog. The adjustability is important especially to male dogs and breeds with a narrow waste.

5. Front leg inner length is measured from the bottom of the chest along the inside of the leg to the wrist bone. The front leg should be shorter than the inside length of the dog’s leg. So that the dog can safely run and play while wearing the overalls, the front legs should at most reach the dog’s wrist. The length is correct when the front leg reaches the dog’s forearm.
6. Length of the hind leg is measured between the hind legs along the inside of the leg to the hock. The length is correct when the hind leg reaches the dog’s hock.

Hurtta Pro Rain Coat Size Chart

Please measure your dogs back length, making sure it is on a level surface, to determine the correct coat size.

Size (Back Length) Breed Examples
27 cm Affenpincher, Bishon Frise, Chihauhau, Japanese Chin
30 cm Jack Russell Terrier, Lakeland Terrier, Miniature Schnauzer, Pug
36 cm Cocker Spaniel, Fox Terrier, Lancashire Heeler, Italian Greyhound
40 cm Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier, Whippet, Finnish Spitz, Brittany Spaniel
45 cm Bassett Hound, Clumber Spaniel, Norwegian Buhund, Irish Spaniel
50 cm Shar Pei, Weimerana, Pointer, English Springer Spaniel
55 cm Polish Lowland Sheepdog, Pharoah Hound, Hungarian Vizla
60 cm

Belgian Shepherd Dog, Irish Setter, Ibizan Hound, Flat Coated Retriever, Collie

65 cm Greyhound, German Pointer, German Shepherd Dog
70 cm Borzoi, Bloodhound, Bernese Mountain Dog
75 cm English Mastiff, Irish Wolfhound, Komondor, Leonberger


Thundershirt Size Chart

Thundershirt measuring    
Size to fit chest size
Extra Small 13" to 18"
Small 16" to 23"
Medium 18" to 26"


24" to 32"
Extra Large 31" to 40"


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