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Homeboarding Terms and Conditions

  1. These terms and conditions apply to the provision of the services specified overleaf by us, Nightsabre Limited trading as Pooches Pawadise to you, the client named overleaf (“the Client”) in relation to the dog(s) named overleaf (“the Dog”).

  2. The Client agrees and confirms that:

    1. Pooches Pawadise is fully authorised to seek and obtain veterinary care for the Dog as Pooches Pawadise sees fit while the Dog is under the care of Pooches Pawadise and shall reimburse all expenses in connection with such care, including all transportation and treatment costs and expenses;

    2. the Client is responsible for providing enough food for the Dog’s stay. The Client is liable for any expenses incurred for any essential food or other supplies needed for the care of the Dog if the amount of food provided does not last the entire boarding period;

    3. Pooches Pawadise shall not be held responsible for any loss or damage caused by inclement weather or natural disaster or for the disappearance, death or injury of the Dog;

    4. the Dog is fully vaccinated against Parvo Virus, Distemper, Hepatitis, Leptospirosis & Kennel Cough (certificate to be produced at time of boarding) and if possible, micro-chipped. Pooches Pawadise reserves the right to refuse boarders if the current required vaccination certificate cannot be produced at the time of boarding;

    1. they will provide an emergency contact name and telephone number for use while the Dog is boarding;

    2. if, in the reasonable opinion of Pooches Pawadise, the Dog’s behaviour prohibits Pooches Pawadise from caring for them, for example if the Dog is a danger to itself, people or other dogs, Pooches Pawadise may at our discretion require the Client to immediately remove the Dog from the premises or may place the Dog in a kennel or other suitable accommodation, with all associated charges to be payable by the Client. There will be a minimum £10 transfer charge for each Dog, the actual cost dependant on mileage.

  1. Pooches Pawadise agrees and confirms that:

    1. utmost care will be given in watching the Dog;

    2. Medication will be administered as per written instructions, but we do not accept liability if, having used all reasonable endeavours to administer the medication, the Dog will not accept the treatment.

  1. Boarding fees are payable on arrival at Pooches Pawadise, less any deposit already paid. Payment may be by cash or cheque with cheque guarantee card, with cheques made payable to Nightsabre Ltd. An extra £20 will be charged for any cheques returned ‘Refer to Drawer’. If the cheque has not been honoured by the day of collection, cash will be required before the Dog can be removed. All charges incurred during boarding, including veterinary and travelling expenses must be paid before removal by the Client of the Dog. If the Dog is collected before the agreed departure date there is no refund.

  1. Cancellation within one week of the first day of boarding incurs a charge of 50% of the total charge, failure to honour a booking will incur the full cost of the period booked.

  1. If the Client does not collect the Dog within 7 days of the agreed date of departure Pooches Pawadise shall be at liberty to re-home the Dog in its absolute discretion.  All re-homing costs will be reimbursed by the Client upon demand together with any other sums owed by the Client to Pooches Pawadise. The standard daily rate of charge for boarding shall continue to apply for each day that the Dog remains with Pooches Pawadise until re-homing.

  1. Pooches Pawadise does not accept responsibility for loss or damage to Client’s possessions such as bedding, toys, leads etc. caused by the Dog. Any destroyed or badly soiled (unwashable) bedding will be disposed of. The Client shall indemnify Pooches Pawadise and pay on demand the cost of all damage caused by the Dog to the property of Pooches Pawadise or other clients or other clients’ dogs.

  2. Pooches Pawadise reserves the right to amend or alter these Terms and Conditions by giving no less than 7 days’ notice in writing and they and the services to be provided under them may also be varied by agreement between the parties in writing.




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