Home Boarding and Dog Walking in our North Dorset

Village Home by qualified behaviourist and trainer.

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Boarding Fees

Dog Walking

1 hour walks from £11.00 per dog per walk,

second dog from same family at half price.

Dog Crèche

£16.00 per adult dog

£19.00 per dog under 1 year

Home Boarding

£21.00 per adult dog per day

£24.00 for dogs under 1 year and adult dogs with special needs per day

second dog from same family at the reduced rate of £16.00 per day.

A reduced charge will be applied to any "part day" your dog stays with us.

Please note an additional charge will be made for Bank Holidays per dog per day.

A non refundable deposit per dog will be required to confirm and secure your booking.

£5.00 deposit for 1 - 2 days,

£25.00 deposit for 3 - 5 days,

£50.00 deposit for 6 to 15 days

£75.00 deposit for 16 days or more.

Notification is required of the time you intend to deliver and collect your dog: hopefully within the proximity of 1 hour, with a minimum of 4 hours notice.

Earliest arrival time: 8 am

Latest arrival time: 7 pm

Drop off and/ or collections by prior arrangement only.







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